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Grand Canyon (2015)

by Sarah MacDougall

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Track listing: 

1. I want to see the light (lost from our eyes)
2. Sparrowhead
3. Malmö i mitt hjärta
4. Grand Canyon
5. The story of Pippi and Lionheart
6. Baby, it’s only Rock n’ Roll
7. Devil’s Gap
8. 2012 



The Greatest Ones Alive

by Sarah MacDougall

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Track listing: 

1. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win
2. It's my place (and I want it! )
3. The Greatest Ones Alive
4. Permafrost
5. Mmm...
6. It's a storm! (What's going on?)
7. Song #43
8. Unwork
9. Cold Night
10. We're all gonna blow away