Happy new year!

Hello everyone!  

it's a new year and I feel refreshed! I spent two weeks doing nothing but eating, skiing, seeing friends, and watching movies and it was exactly what I needed. 

Now I'm back in Ontario, and the year starts out with a James Taylor tribute show at Hugh's room on Friday! It's a great lineup and I have to admit that I am very badly versed in James Taylor so I have had to study! :) If you live in or near Toronto, this should be a fun show! (See more details on the tour page)

I'm working on some new material and that's a big part of what I will be doing in the next few months. I'm also doing a tour of the US, and will spend some time writing in Nashville and Austin. I'm even going to the Grammys in LA in February. It feels like it's going to be a good year in music. 

Also- keep checking for updates on my Europe tour in April-May. I will post new dates as soon as I can. 

take care of yourselves...and hug each other. 





Lisa Corselli